The Dig

You know how you feel about politics, sports, and religion. But what about cyborgs, asexuality, and co-parenting?

The Dig explores the future of relationships using interactive audiovisual elements, placing the viewer at the center of the experience to explore and discover their own feelings in this world of rapidly transforming human relations.

Piece by piece, the user explores key moments of a couple’s relationship. The more elements they see, the more they learn. In the end, the user must decide what the couple should do—move in together, get married, etc... The stories of simple questions about complex problems are told through beautiful cinematography and frank interviews with the people involved.

User Flow Sketches

Flow Sketches.jpg

As part of the small but mighty creative team behind The Dig, I worked to design the user-experience and user-interface for the interactive elements of the documentary including the final data visualization. This included working closely with the directors, and creative technologists to ensure we were creating the right experience for these sensitive and personal stories.

Digital Mock-ups

Final Interactive

DigitalJoe Wheeler